Company history

ibacon´s history is a success story based on good science, passion and a clear understanding of what the expectations of our clients are.

ibacon today: facts and figures

  • international clientele from the chemical industries worldwide
  • 150 qualified employees
  • about 10,000 sqm laboratory and office space
  • ~ 25,000 GLP studies completed so far


The world is facing a health crisis and lock-down measures to limit the spread of the COVID‑19 virus. ibacon protects its employees and maintains its high quality services and availability by the early implementation of company-wide safety-measures. The most important aspect is the limitation of personal contacts which leads to virtual instead of personal meetings along with maximization of working from home office.
ibacon already offered the possibility to work remotely for decades and further increased the capacities. In person meetings are replaced by video conferences, and all business trips and visits have been cancelled. External services are only allowed when vital to our operations. Our technical and IT infrastructure is reliable, working fast; thus allowing an efficient and high quality working environment.

2015 - 2019

ibacon passed a GLP inspection in 2019 with great success (as usual), considering our test facility in Rossdorf, field trials and the branch office in Leverkusen.

The relocation of the aquatic ecotoxicology and chemistry departments to the new building allowed also the expansion of the environmental fate and terrestrial ecotoxicology departments in the old building. Step by step the existing laboratories are completely renovated and the technical infrastructure is adapted to the state of the art with e.g. modern technical equipment, a new ventilation system and LED illumination. The considerable enlargement and modernisation to the terrestrial ecotoxicology department is completed in 2019. Laboratory space of the Environmental Fate lab is doubled in 2018 to fulfil the increasing demands of our clients. The high-tech infrastructure facilities open up new possibilities concerning study performance.

Our Ecological Effects Modelling Department was established in 2015. Using ecotoxicological data from our own studies or from existing client’s data, this refined risk assessment tool provides additional information for the environmental risk assessment of our clients. 

2010 - 2014

In 2014 we celebrate our 20th anniversary with more than 140 people working at ibacon and many guests. The departments for aquatic ecotoxicology and chemistry moved into our new laboratory and office building with the latest in high-tech infrastructure. The new building uses consequently up front energy saving technologies like heat insolation and heat recovery but also LED-illumination all over the building.

We now have a total of 10,000 sqm of floor space, about 5,000 sqm being laboratory space. This significantly enlarged our capacities for standard aquatic studies as well as higher tier studies such as flow-through systems for fish and daphnia, sediment organisms and aquatic plants. At the same time a new state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS analytical system and several LC-MS, HPLC/UPLC and other analytical systems ensure state of the art analytical services and accurate results also at very low concentrations.

To gain more laboratory space, we put up a new office and laboratory building just next door to our headquarter in Rossdorf.

ibacon is cracking the 100 employees mark in May 2011.

2005 - 2009

ibacon steadily increases its laboratory space.  As a further business sector, environmental fate studies complete ibacons services. In 2009, we celebrate our 15th anniversary with 90 employees and 12,000 successfully performed GLP-studies. 

2000 - 2004

Requirements for the registration changed and ecotoxicological studies are required for the registration of chemicals (REACh), biocides and pharmceuticals. In 2004, the Marketing & Sales Department (now Business Development) starts its work as central point of contact for our customers all over the world. In the same year 48 employees celebrate ibacon's 10th anniversary.

1994 - 1999

On its 5th anniversary in December 1999 ibacon already has 26 employees. ibacon moved into a new facility in Rossdorf, offering 650 sqm of laboratory space.

During the first five years, ibacon acquires regular customers in Germany, the European Union and overseas. Studies in the area of biodegradation, aquatic ecotoxicology, physical-chemical properties and analytical chemistry supplement the services.

On December 1st, 1994 ibacon GmbH starts its business with six employees using 200 sqm of laboratory space. The main area of expertise is terrestrial ecotoxicology for the registration of plant protection products.