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Discuss your Needs with us at the Endocrine Disruptors International Fresenius Conference

20th November 2018 - 21st November 2018

Get more information about the latest regulatory developments, challenges for toxicology and ecotoxicology as well as integration of information for endocrine disruptors in Cologne. Meet our experts Dr. Melanie Lichtenberger and Jan Schostag and discuss your needs with them.

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Let's meet at the Crop Innovations and Regulations in Barcelona

4th September 2018 - 6th September 2018

On the 4th to 6th of Sptember 2018 you can meet more than 300 managers, experts and authority representatives from 10 member states in Barcelona.

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Let's meet in Rome for the SETAC Europe 2018 at Booth No. 39

13th May 2018 - 17th May 2018

On the 13th to 17th of May 2018 is the SETAC Europe 28th annual meeting.

The theme of this meeting is “Responsible and Innovative Research for Environmental Quality“.

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International Commission for Plant Pollinator Relationships - Meet Us At Valencia from 18. - 20. October

13th September 2017 - 20th October 2017

The 13th Conference of the International Commission for Plant Pollinator Relationships (ICPPR) will take place on the 18th to 20th of October in Valencia, Spain.

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See you at the Biocides Stakeholders Day in Helsinki from 26th to 27th of September

28th June 2017 - 27th September 2017

Visit the fifth Biocides Stakeholder's Day to get the latest information on the Biocidal Products Regulation. Learn more about the regulatory developments and get guidance for your biocide dossier or working in consortia.

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Biopesticies Europe 2017 - Meet Us At Madrid from June 7th - 8th

30th May 2017 - 8th June 2017

The 2nd Biopesticides Europe Conference will take place on the 7th and 8th of June in Madrid. The biopesticides market is growing and offers an opportunity for sustainable agriculture.

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Meet our modelling team at the symposium on Dynamic Energy Budget theory

7th May 2017 - 2nd June 2017

5th international symposium on Dynamic Energy Budget theory (31.05. - 02.06.2017)

The title of the conference is “Metabolic organization plays a role in planetary stewardship".

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Meet the ibacon team at the SETAC Europe in Brussels

7th May 2017 - 11th May 2017

27th SETAC Europe annual meeting in Brussels

“Environmental quality through transdisciplinary collaboration"

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9th February 2016 - 12th February 2016

This year, the "Crops and Chemical Europe" will be bringing together key stakeholders to develop innovative solutions within agriculture to help feed the world.  Th

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11th October 2016 - 13th October 2016

The next meeting of the IOBC working group "Pesticides and Beneficial Organisms" will take place in Chania (Krete, Greece) in October 2016.

Ms. Angela Goßmann, Senior Study Director Non Target Arthropods at ibacon will participate in this meeting.