Non-target arthropod testing with the rove beetle (Aleochara bilineata)

The aim of the study is to estimate the reproduction efficiency of Aleochara bilineata under the impact of residues of plant potection products on natural soil in an extended laboratory experiment, compared to a water treated control and a reference item group.  If possible the ER50 value for reproduction effects will be calculated.

Study Design

Test organisms

The rove beetle Aleochara bilineata is recommended as one of the standard species for non-target arthropod regulatory testing for plant protection products (Candolfi et al. 2001).

Course of the test

Each treatment group will include 4 replicates with 10 female and 10 male beetles, respectively. The study will be carried out under extended laboratory conditions with natural substrate (LUFA 2.1 soil).

The larvae hatched from the eggs laid in the soil by the female beetles will parasitize the fly pupae. To assess the reproductive efficiency the number of beetles emerging from the successfully parasitized fly pupae will be counted.

Tailor-made study designs

The study can also be performed in an aged residue design. For this study type soil will be treated under field conditions and the treated soil will be transferred to the lab after aging of a determined time period. The course of the test is the same as described above.


Reproduction efficiency of exposed beetles; if possible ER50: lethal rate producing 50 % reduction in reproduction at test end.

Guidelines and Literature

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  • Grimm et al. 2000: A test for evaluating the chronic effects of plant protection products on the rove beetle Aleochara bilineata Gyll. (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) under laboratory and extended laboratory conditions.