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Revision of the Fish Acute Toxicity Testing Guideline OECD 203

25th June 2019

The revised guideline describes how to perform acute toxicity tests with fish in more detail, for example the use of alternative methods for testing and range-finding and demands on analytics as well as statistical analysis.

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Promising results of Glyceria maxima ring-test

29th May 2019

The EU regulation for herbicidal compounds requires in some cases the assessment of a monocot plant species. Due to the lack of a suitable guideline, the development of a test method was necessary and Glyceria maxima was selected as appropriate species.

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Endocrine Disruptors Webinar

7th March 2019

The presentation was prepared by Dr. Melanie Lichtenberger and Dr. Annegaike Leopold (Calidris Environment BV). They explained the hazard identification criteria for endocrine disruptors.

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Ecotoxicological Testing for Endocrine Disrupting Properties

17th May 2018 - 30th June 2018

The regulations for plant protection products and biocides (EU 1107/2009 and EU 528/2012) have now been amended for testing of endocrine disrupting properties. For details see Regulation 2017/2100 for Biocides and Regulation 2018/605 for Plant Protection Products.

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Technical innovations open up new possibilities in our E-fate lab

As a response to increasing demands we enlarged our environmental fate lab considerably and the high-tech infrastructure facilities open up new possibilities and higher capacities.

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ibacon is committed to the health of its employees

15th March 2018 - 26th April 2018

Occupational safety is conspicuously the basis for a healthy working place. This is a very important topic. Therefore education in occupational safety along with high safety standard is a main concern at ibacon.

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Nondestructive sampling of vitellogenin from skin mucus of fish

31st January 2018 - 15th March 2018

The identification of endocrine disruptors is an important concern of chemical risk assessment.

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Early Life Stage Fish Test as a Basis for Data Modelling

29th August 2017 - 29th September 2017

Ecological modelling is a valuable tool for the assessment of specific exposure scenarios. 

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Bumble Bee experts met at ibacon

Studies with Bumble Bees got in the focus of risk assessment for plant protection products since the "EFSA Guidance Document on the risk assessment of plant protection products on bees (Apis mellifera, Bombus spp. and solitary bees)" was published in 2013.

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New GLP certificate available

2nd June 2017 - 2nd July 2017

The inspection at ibacon was carried out in June, August and October 2016. The main inspection in October took place at the test facility in Rossdorf. In July and August field studies as well as our test site in Leverkusen were inspected.

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