Generation change in ibacon’s management


We would like to announce that our co-founder and managing director Dr. Ralf Petto will retire by end of April, 2021. For more than 26 years Ralf inspired with his visions and co-developed the company to an internationally acknowledged contract research organization supporting the chemical industry with market authorization services for their products.

In the last years it was very important to Ralf to initiate the generation change in the company’s management and among shareholders. In 2017 this lead to the appointment of Sabrina Westphal as a managing director which gave to ibacon a team of two CEOs. Now, along with Ralf’s retirement, Melanie Lichtenberger will follow as managing director by 1st of May, 2021. In her position as the head of the test facility she was already member of the management board since 2015.

Sabrina Westphal and Dr. Melanie Lichtenberger took over the majority of Ralf’s shares to ensure that ibacon will stay in private hands. Ralf will continue in the role of a minority shareholder to contribute further shaping ibacon’s future.

Ibacon’s generation change in management and shareholder structure ensures the company sustainability for the further development and any upcoming challenges as a privately owned CRO.

Rossdorf, April 2021

Sabrina Westphal, Dr. Melanie Lichtenberger, Dr. Ralf Petto