Testing of Potential Endocrine Disruptors

ibacon offers a wide variety of ecotoxicological studies for the testing of potential endocrine disruptors. For agrochemicals, biocides and industrial chemicals testing of endocrine activity is required in case the substance is assumed to have an endocrine disrupting potential. For those three groups of chemicals the classification of a substance as endocrine disruptor is a cut-off criterion, resulting in restriction of registration.

We have been performing many of these studies regularly also for other purposes and we have a vast know-how with the relevant species and test performance. Take your advantage and discuss your needs with us!

ibacon studies listed in the OECD Conceptual framework for Testing and Assessment of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, revised in 2017 (in "Guidance Document on Standardised Test Guidelines for Endocrine Disruption" of the OECD, Series on Testing and Assessment No 150)

Level 1 (Existing data and existing or new non-test information)

Physical and chemical properties
QSAR model predictions
TKTD modelling for making best use of existing data

Level 3 (In vivo assays providing data about selected endocrine mechanisms / pathways)

OECD 231 Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay
OECD 229 Fish Short Term Reproduction Assay
OECD 230 21 Day Fish Assay
OECD 248: Xenopus Eleutheroembryonic Thyroid Assay

Level 4 (In vivo assays providing data on adverse effects on endocrine relevant endpoints)

OECD 234 Fish Sexual Development Test
OECD 210 Fish Early-life Stage Toxicity Test
OECD 242 Potamopyrgus antipodarum Reproduction Test
OECD 243 Lymnea stagnalis Reproduction Test
OECD 218/OECD 219 Chironomid Toxicity Test
OECD 211 Daphnia Reproduction Test
OECD 222 Earthworm Reproduction Test
OECD 225 Sediment Water Lumbriculus Toxicity Test using Spiked Sediment
OECD 226 Predatory Mite Reproduction Test
OECD 232 Collembolan Reproduction Test in Soil

Level 5 (In vivo assays providing data about selected endocrine mechanisms / pathways)

OPPTS 850.1500 Fish Full Lifecyle Test
OECD 240 Medaka Extended One-generation Reproduction Test
OECD 233 Sediment Water Chironomid Life Cycle Toxicity Test