Dr. Elke Zimmer

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64380 Rossdorf

+49 6154 697-328
Positions at ibacon: 
Section Head Ecological Modelling
Development, Application, Documentation and Evaluation of ecological and mechanistic effect models
Diplom Umweltwissenschaftlerin (Marine)

I studied Marine Environmental Science in Oldenburg in the North of Germany, during which my interest in the mathematical modeling of biological phenomena was born. I finished my studies with a thesis on "Analyzing Endocytosis using Generalized Modeling" at the MPI-PKS in Dresden. The wish to work with a more applicable modeling approach brought me to the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, into the group of Bas Kooijman. There, I worked on my PhD thesis entitled "The pond snail under stress - interactive effects of food limitation, toxicants and copulation explained by Dynamic Energy Budget Theory". My thesis work was placed in the context of ecological risk assessment and was part of the Marie-Curie-ITN CREAM. Subsequently, I worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the SCK-CEN in Mol, Belgium, in the group Biosphere Impact Studies, where I worked on the development of a Dynamic Energy Budget model for the common duckweed Lemna minor.



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