Bumble Bee experts met at ibacon

Studies with Bumble Bees got in the focus of risk assessment for plant protection products since the "EFSA Guidance Document on the risk assessment of plant protection products on bees (Apis mellifera, Bombus spp. and solitary bees)" was published in 2013. Furthermore the guidance document identifies a need for test protocols for bumble bees. Two guidelines for Bumble Bee Testing, an acute contact and an acute oral toxicity test, will soon be published by the OECD .

A working group of the International Commission for Plant Pollinator Relationships (ICPPR) is currently developing a field test guideline. In order to prepare a ring test with Bumble Bees, a hands-on Workshop from the ICPPR was held at ibacon in Rossdorf. The main emphasis was the practical course of the test and the mutual demonstration and training by the participants. The meeting at ibacon enabled a constructive exchange of skills and information and brought them closer to the development of the new field study guideline. ibacon is proud to be part of it!

More information about bumble bee testing at ibacon you can find here.