Technical innovations open up new possibilities in our E-fate lab

As a response to increasing demands we enlarged our environmental fate lab considerably and the high-tech infrastructure facilities open up new possibilities and higher capacities.

With four fully temperature-controlled incubation rooms, an improved technical infrastructure and advanced laboratory equipment our lab provides various opportunities. A new ‘cold room’ offers the possibility to perform degradation studies at flexible temperatures. Relating thereto we provide suitable solutions for both standard test designs and tailor made studies.

Our lab is equipped with modern analytical devices. This encompasses liquid scintillation counters, UPLC systems coupled with radio detection and LC-MS/MS systems as well as instruments for sample extraction or clean up for analysis of labelled and non-labelled substances.

But there is much more to the lab than cutting edge equipment: our dedicated staff of more than 15 study directors and technicians supporting our clients with their experience and qualifications.

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