GUTS modelling: From the Theory to the Practice.

15th February 2020 - 3rd May 2020

GUTS modelling: From the Theory to the Practice.

Toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic (TKTD) models are of particular interest for regulatory risk assessment of pesticides for aquatic organisms. EFSA recently highlighted this point in its Scientific Opinion on TKTD modelling. This type of modelling helps enhancing the interpretation and use of experimental data for Environmental Risk Assessment.


Ibacon GmbH is striving to achieve and develop the highest level of expertise for its clients. Our Ecological Modelling department works with the most recent and innovative TKTD frameworks. In particular, we are involved in the development, use, and teaching of the General Unified Threshold model of Survival (GUTS). The GUTS model is a TKTD framework making the most out of survival data from toxicity test. It ultimately allows the simulation of survival under non-tested time variable exposure scenarios.


Dr. Benoit Goussen is part of the teaching team of the training course on GUTS modelling taking place during the SETAC Dublin Annual Meeting (TC01 – GUTS Modelling: From the Theory to the Practice) on Sunday the 3rd of May.


To register for this course, visit the SETAC website: https://dublin.setac.org/programme/scientific-programme/training-courses/

Benoit looks forward to assist you. Please contact him for further questions either by Email (benoit.goussen@ibacon.com) or by phone +49 6154 697 289.