Hazards of Pesticides to bees, International Symposium, 23 ─ 25 October 2019

23rd October 2019 - 25th October 2019

The International commission for Plant-Pollinator Relationsships (ICPPR) is having a symposium focusing on hazards of pesticides to bees. The meeting takes place next week in Bern and several study directors from ibacon GmbH will be actively attending the meeting. Tatsuya Sekine, Annika Agatz and Verena Tänzler are participating as Co-session chair, and are involved in platform presentations and poster presentations.

Our modelling expert Annika Agatz gives a talk on the BEEHAVE model, its validation and resulting insights for the design of field studies with bees. Verena Tänzler contributes to several oral presentations and posters. Furthermore, she is Co-Chair for the report of the activities of the ICPPR Bee Brood Working Group.

All ibacon employees are looking forward to meet interested people and to discuss possibilities for upcoming projects.

For more information please look at https://www.icppr.com/